Monday-Saturday 8am-10pm

Why Homme pour Homme ® ?

Homme pour Homme ® is born from the idea that a man is the best one to know what a man likes.

The latest advances in neuro-sciences confirm it: when we see a masseur working, we imagine ourselves in a mirror making the same gesture (the basis of learning), but also we imagine feeling what the man must feel (the basis of empathy).

So we have developed protocols for massage adapted to the morphology and the male physiology, and we have tested their efficiency on ourselves.

In addition, in these protocols, the masseur man is particularly connected to the feelings of the one who's massaged, which allows an understanding and an adaptation unique to its expectations and reactions.

The trainings followed by our masseurs

The basic training for californian massage was provided by the SPA Center and training Harmonice® in Nice.

The basic training for deep tissue massage was provided by Etic Massage ® in Montpellier.

The basic training for ayurvedic massage was provided by Wellness® in Belgium.

The kachemiri massage proposed is inspired by several protocols. But the basic training was followed at Tantrikazen® in Bordeaux.