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Our massages for men

The relaxing californian massage Homme pour Homme ®

The proposed Californian massage is a massage with oil that takes 1 hour to 1 hour 20. The person is naked or in light underwear (a disposable thong is available if needed), lying on the massage table.

Californian massage technique begins with slow and harmonious touches followed by sliding pressure which becomes more strong on the particularly contracted parts of the body.

The Californian massage is enveloping and reassuring. It is a good tool against stress, like an oasis of relaxation and renewal. It provoques psychic and physical awakening to reach a healthy relationship with the body. The more the person surrender to the feelings, the best is the muscle relaxation and the sensitive rediscovery.

At the end of the massage, the person feels relaxed and refreshed.

It is the quintessential anti-stress massage.

Californian short €80
Massage: 1 h

Californian long €100
Massage: 1 h 20

Deep massage Deep Tissue Homme pour Homme ®

The deep deep tissue massage is a covered massage, with very little oil. The person is nude or in light underwear (a disposable thong is offered if needed), lying on a massage table in different specific positions, and covered on the part that is not massaged.

The deep tissue massage is not therapeutic but generally will tend to break the adhesions between the muscle layers and fascia, and relax the joints. The operations are very slow but very strong, that will stretch the muscles and the joints. The masseur uses mainly fists, forearms, elbows, knuckles. 

A dialogue permits to synchronize the massage with breathing at key moments, and to check with the person massaged the right level of pressure. The version for men targets the areas that are relevant to the male physiology.

After the massage, muscle and joint tensions are relieved, adhesions are defeated. The massed person feels a deep relaxation and a mild release in his body. In addition, a deep massage promotes the secretion of endorphins that will also relieve pain. 

It is the quintessential deep massage.

Deep tissues €100
Massage: 1 h 10

The energetic ayurvedic massage Homme pour Homme ®

The proposed Ayurvedic massage is a massage abhyanga with oil that lasts an hour in its basic version. The person is naked or in light underwear (a disposable thong is available if needed), lying on a massage table, and covered on the part that is not massaged.

In its welness version, the ayurvedic massage is rebalancing. It is adapted to the nature of each one (or prakriti) but also to the imbalances of the moment (or vikriti).

The pressure, the speed of execution, the massed areas, but also the oil used and the temperature are different from one person to another. 

A test of 20 minutes is proposed to those who do not know their ayurvedic nature.

A longer 80 minutes massage can be proposed in order to insist on maneuvers especially adapted to the nature of the person. It can be completed by a quick test to determinate your deep nature.

At the end of the massage, the person feels purified, stimulated and focused.

Ayurvedic basic €80
Massage: 1 h

Ayurvedic personalized €100
Massage: 1 h 20

Ayurvedic complete €120
Test of the Doshas: 20 min
Massage 1 h 20

The holistic kashmiri massage Homme pour Homme ®

The proposed kashmiri massage is a full oil massage that lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. The person is naked, lying on the massage table.

Kashmiri massage will tend to diffuse the energies through the body and the mind with harmony. With a very soft touch and enveloping attitude, the masseur will restore connection between the energy nodes, and stimulate circulation of the kundalini energy to irrigate the 7 chakras in unified body.

But nudity in the kashmiri massage is innocence. The full-body massage allows acceptance of the body as a whole: the Massager is the vector of the benevolence that the subject decides to agree to himself. 

At the end of the massage, it is usual to feel a very deep physical relaxation, or even a state of full consciousness. The massed person may feel a powerful energy flow in a reunified body. 

This is the quintessential holistic massage.

Holistic Kashmiri €120
Massage: 1 h 30